Meet the Team

No one person can successfully build a business alone.  At TTC Cash Flow Strategies we have surrounded ourselves with quality experts who KNOW what they are doing in their fields and bring their expertise, along with ours, to provide you with the results you are looking for.

Tara Truax


Tara is the Founder of TTC Cash Flow Strategies. She brings a wealth of information from businesses she has started, sold and closed over the last 10+ years. She believes strongly that you have to look at the entire business and address the business as a whole to achieve real sustainable success. She has a strong background in marketing and strategy and our clients benefit from her unique, targeted approach. To learn more about Tara click here.

Karen Wilkie Dennison

SEO Marketing Strategist

Karen brings a wide array of SEO skills so that we are able to get YOUR company anywhere and everywhere in the IT world.  You need to be seen and Karen is our secret weapon.

Tracey Warren

Social Media Expert

Tracey is our Social Media expert.  She has been in the business for years and no knows how to use the social media platforms to your advantage like she does.  You don’t to be in all places – you want to be where YOUR clients are.  She know the best strategies for getting in front of your prospects at the right times to be most effective and get the absolute best results.

Lauren Labas

Web Development

Lauren’s design career started in 1994 after graduation from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. In 2012, Lauren completed her web scripting classes at the University of Washington. She commenced her career as the sole designer in a print shop, and most recently has coordinated and designed online media for various corporations and non profits. Lauren’s expertise includes website development, search engine optimization, social media and other media services. Lauren’s understanding of this, and the work we will do with you, will enable us to get the best message out there to your potential customers so that they will want to come to you!

Sir Richard Branson

Source of Inspiration

Since reading his book “Losing My Virginity”, Sir Richard Branson’s picture has been on the wall of our corporate office. He is a source of inspiration knowing where he’s come from and what he has been able accomplish. His attitude of “how do we get it done” is one we adhere to every day.