Check out what our fans have to say. This is just a small sampling of the results YOU will get after working with TTC Cash Flow Strategies.

debbie-winkle“In my purchase of Tara’s former business, I have been informed by my micro loan managers, that because of the excellent bookkeeping, quality of training information, website overview, and general set up of this business, it was easier to make a decision to allow funds for the purchase.

As a new owner of a small business, I was extremely impressed that Tara had the ability to furnish any and all training materials in a presentable fashion. She understood the need for a website that was user friendly, with the touch of professionalism that let customers appreciate the effort to make it easier for any customer to understand exactly what the business had to offer.

Due to her diligence to make it a better fit, or easier for any new owner to understand the concept of training, invoicing, bookkeeping, website materials, and the bidding process, the adventure of owning this business was less stressful than starting from scratch. She also puts her personal touch on the availability of this expertise by allowing “hands on” training to the new owner… no question was made to feel trivial or not important.

Tara has the ability to ensure any business aspect she undertakes, will be a success. She also has the ability to teach these concepts of being a business owner to any newcomer so that they won’t be overwhelmed and allow themselves to thrive.”

jessica noyes“I am a Financial Services Professional at New York Life Insurance Company and a business acceleration client of Tara Truax. I reached out to Tara for some help with my business, and at first I did not even know what help I needed, I was overwhelmed and desperate. However, after explaining my frustrations to Tara, she recommended working on structuring my time and streamlining my processes as a business owner to reach my goals and the level of success I aspire to. She is constantly encouraging me and lending her expertise to me as I continue working my business plan.

At first I was apprehensive about working with a business accelerator about organizing and time management because as a former military NCO, I felt like I had this part of my business under control. I know now that this was not the case. After only a few sessions with Tara she taught me, with a few principles I could manage, how to organize my time in a way that maximized my effectiveness with my clients and get results! Introducing a new structure to my schedule forced me to be honest with myself and my time management, as well as propelled me to work even more efficiently within my day.

Tara expects you to work hard and follow her plan for the results you desire and deserve, when you do so you will see results! What I appreciate most about Tara is her unwavering faith in her solutions and advice, but most importantly she will work her hardest for you and the success of your business!”

eric scott “I found Tara a joy to work with as she guided me through how to organize my business model better to make more effective use of my time. Her criticisms are refreshingly honest and straight forward. She calls it as she sees it. I found her to be a tough but fair task master in terms of keeping me on track and implementing the changes required to improve my efficiency. Her follow up is excellent and I truly felt she was in my corner. I strongly recommend Tara to anyone who wants a no-nonsense approach to improving how they conduct their business but delivered in such a way as to leave you smiling. Tara is a pleasure to work with and has my hardiest endorsement.”

merla-manuel“I did my first Yakima Home Show booth and with Tara’s help I was able to come up with an eye catching booth, fliers, and drawing ideas. This resulted in a very successful show and I left with over 200 viable leads. Following the show Tara helped me get my leads in order and guided me to how I needed to contact everyone to get results quickly. So far I have had two customers from the show and am in the process of contacting the others. With the program I have put into place with Tara’s help, I will be getting many more customers in the months to come. I highly recommend having Tara help you in your company.”

josh-brooks-150x150 “Working with Tara was a truly inspiring experience. We have started to implement many of the marketing changed Tara recommended. Her instructions were not cut and paste with generalities. The marketing sheets she uses are going to be used for all of our marketing. She makes you think of the best way to reach your IDEAL patient. Not the broad spectrum of patients who are not always what we desires. She touches in other areas of business that can help simplify and guide your time. I would recommend Tara to those that are ready to make right decision for their businesses.”

penelope“I have struggled for many years to find the right language to describe what I do in a way that speaks to the clients I serve. After working with Tara I now have a system for copy writing that is compelling and easy to replicate! I know I will use the marketing tools and processes she taught me for the rest of my business life. So. Much. Easier. I wish I had had the help 25 years ago when I started this journey. Save yourself time, grief and frustration and get help from Tara now!” 

stacey-schimmelman-“I first met Tara Truax when she spoke at a local networking event about how to keep the momentum going in your business. Being a small business owner myself, I was very impressed by her presentation and I immediately signed up for a session with her. During the 45 minute session Tara gave me some very helpful tips that I am successfully using today to move forward! Since my session with Tara I am excited about the progress I have made with my business and am completing my 3 goals per day! Thank you Tara!”

kara-and-rob“Tara’s coaching methods are full of PEP- precise, empathetic, and professional. She asked me pointed questions that forced me to look deeper into the foundational principles of my business. What I appreciated the most is how much she took great concern and interest into the immediate direction and future success of my business. Thanks Tara!”

“Tara is someone with expertise to find ways of improving your business. Her information and advice in one session started me to enlarge my business. I am so glad I consulted with Tara. She tells you things you can start that day when you consult with her. With me, who did I want to appeal to in my web-site? So, I began to change my web-site that day. It gets get better everyday.

“Tara Truax is a remarkable business woman with advice knowledge about running a company. I recently came to her asking for advice about a business idea that my mother and I were thinking about pursuing. She was professional in answering all my questions, and gave me great insight towards launching my ideas into an exciting new business. I would highly recommend her!”