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Have you wondered to yourself “What am I doing?” This book is for you if you have ever doubted your own journey into owning a business. After reading “Who the Hell am I to Start a Business” you will have a clear understanding of what you can do, the initial steps to do it and a strategy to continue you on your way to success! You will know you can do it!

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5.0 out of 5 stars This Primer is a Must Read for Business Startups November 18, 2013 – By Carol H., Southern Minnesota

Tara Truax has written a succinctly brilliant handbook that is easy to understand. Her book is a necessary read for those who are contemplating establishing a business or those already in a business and aspire to increase, modify, or exit their business. The exercises enable the reader to individualize concepts for their own goals and access her website. This book empowers and encourages readers to begin a business even if one is “bootstrapping” a business because of lack of capitol. Tara shares her personal success experiences with several of the businesses she developed, along with her mistakes that she was able to correct. Her enthusiasm shines through her writing providing readers with the knowledge that they are capable of thriving in any business endeavor. With our economy eroding, many people are looking for a venue to launch a business and this book demystifies former beliefs and offers positive, invaluable information.

I wish this gem was available when I cultivated a particular niche with a decorating business twenty plus years ago. This book taught me how I could have been far more financially successful and use “exit strategy” to amass an enormous amount of money.

Chapter list:

* Who This Book Is For
* Your Little Voice – Shut That Bitch Up!
* The Naysayers
* Your Why, Who, What, Where and How
* Setting Your Business Up Right
* How Do I Get Started?
* What About the Money?
* What About the Numbers?
* So Many Experts, So Little Time
* I Knew I Could Do It!
* Exit Strategy – Yes, You Need One
* Looking for Additional Support
* About the Author

Also includes bonuses: worksheets, audios and more!


5.0 out of 5 stars Great Way To Get Focused January 10, 2014 – By Kristina L., Hebron, Kentucky

Tara Truax’s book, “Who the Hell am I to Start a Business?” is a great hands on tool to get focused. Whether starting a business or working on energizing your business, Tara’s step by step worksheets provide the tools to have a a successful company!


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