Are you ready to make some changes?  I’m not talking about small, minor changes…

I’m talking about BIG, BUSINESS CHANGING changes.  Stepping into the fear and making all things you say you want to happen in your business, actually happen. Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

If there is a good fit between us (I don’t just work with anyone) we can have a lot of fun and make the big difference in your business you are looking for.
A little about Tara

cowgirl-150x150I don’t believe in jumping out of an airplane that works (thought I’m starting to reconsider this – it goes back to leaning into the fear I’ll teach you) and any water meant for swimming or soaking should be at least 90 degrees.   Otherwise, I’m open to trying pretty much anything.  This has filled my life with some pretty amazing experiences and I’ve met many incredible people.  I do believe in being a cautious and being prepared, to a point, but there is a point where you need to just have faith and JUMP!  I feel blessed everyday for everything I have and even for the bumps in the road – I believe those have big lessons for all of us.  Every day I laugh and dance.  It’s my way of life and feeds my soul.

On the personal side of my life I live in Ephrata with my boyfriend Brian.  My three kids are all in college and making lives of their own.  I couldn’t be more proud of the people all of them are becoming.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more clear on the priorities in my life and where I’m choosing to spend my time and the people I choose to spend my time with.  This has helped me to shape a business that fits into my life, not a life that has to fit around my business. I want this for you too. I was also able to fulfill my childhood dream of being an actual working cowgirl! I spent almost 8 summers working in the back country as a guide, cook and wrangler – working on the back of my horse Kate.

On the business side of my life I’ve had many different business platforms which have given me a wide range of business knowledge.  I’ve worked quite successfully in direct sales, for a company called Slumber Parties, selling sex toys.  From this I learned how to speak and educate a group of women on a touchy subject in a way that met the needs of everyone present.  Years later I still have women come up to me sharing how I’ve changed their lives.  In this role I learned sales, marketing, customer support, inventory and grew a team.  This was an extraordinary opportunity for which I’ll always be thankful.  I helped a lot of women in different ways and learned how NOT to be judgmental, especially of other women.IMG_1336

I’ve also taught Irish Dancing to children and adults.  I started dancing myself when I was 5, competed until I was 35, and still perform for St. Patrick’s Day.  The next logical step for me was teaching and of course this taught me an entire different skill set.  I no longer teach, but I DO take any opportunity to dance, even if that means to a great song in a grocery store.

In 2008, I started a cleaning company which quickly grew to a 6 figure company, while only working part time hours.  Remember, this is when the economy tanked!  This business sold in December 2014 and that process taught me another great skill set.  This business grew to a crew of 5 cleaners and an ever growing client base in our local county.

I grew a lot both personally and professionally over those 6 years and having employees was an adventure in itself.  One of the key elements to the success of this cleaning business was setting up systems and processes within the business so that there was a consistency among all the staff.  There are benefits here for the staff, management and clients.  I’m very glad this business is no longer a part of my daily life, but thankful for the experience and lessons.

While doing the above I also wrote my first book “Who the Hell am I to Start a Business” (CLICK HERE to buy the book)and I have some plans in the works for another book and a new side business that will be started in the 2016. For those of you interested in my educational background, I have a BA in Business Administration, I’m certified in Equine Management and I’ve also gone through WA State’s Nursing Home Administrator program. I know A LOT about business and this is good for you!


So what does all of this mean for you?  Well, I have an extensive background in marketing from the companies I’ve started and the training I’ve done on my own time through Glazer-Kennedy Power Lunch and Mastermind programs. Just as important as the successful companies I’ve started are the companies I’ve started that ended in failures. Those experiences have brought me even more valuable lessons I can use to help you with your business.

The steps needed to make a business work successfully really aren’t all that different business to business and I have a variety of hands on business experience.  The main similarity is in the implementation and that is one of the many things I know how to do wellI’ve done it over and over again and I can help you create success for yourself that you can sustain.  It’s not complicated, it’s just about knowing what to do and getting the help to do it.  I’ve also build a quality team within my company to support me in the specific area that I am not as strong.  One person shouldn’t presume to do it all, that leads to mediocre results.

960-mark-of-excellence-150x150My past business successes and failures have lead me to where I am today.  Working with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them create the success they want in their businesses has been a blessing in my life.  In addition to my core business, for two years (2013-2015) I was also the Managing Director for the Central WA Chapter of eWomenNetwork.  I find that as I grow my business it has become more important to me to support others in helping them connect with other people in business.  Our biggest competition is with ourselves, there are enough customers to go around for all of us.   This was done in addition to time I spent and currently spend on the Board for our local Rotary Club. Giving back is important to me.

As I travel on my own journey, I continue to study under wonderful mentors such as Therese Skelly and Tracey Repchuk to build on my own business education for my personal business and to learn additional skills I can use for and teach my clients.

So, this is a quick snapshot of who I am.  I love life, my family and God.  Raising my kids has been extremely fulfilling and difficult, I’m both happy and sad that they finished with the childhood part of their lives and that they will not need me in the same way in the future.  I feel blessed that I not only love my kids, but really like my kids too.truax-with-kids-150x150

I do find creating and growing business is fun; and life is too short not to have fun!  If you think that we might have a few things in common and that I can help you reach your business goals then email me at to schedule a time to chat.  We’ll know from our conversation if there is an initial fit or not, and we’ll go from there.

My end game with all my clients is referrals so know that if we are not a fit I will refer you to someone else who can truly serve you better; and if we are a good fit and we choose to work together my and my team will do all we can to help you get the results you are looking to achieve.

Do you have any questions? If so, please CLICK HERE and submit them there. We’ll get back in touch with you very soon.